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North by Honeywell First Aid Stations: 068-019720-0009L


• All stations contain CPR Barriers
• Ideal for large office or manufacturing settings, they offer a large supply of medicinals for relief from cold, pain and indigestion
• Provide the largest quantity and assortment of first aid and medical supplies for most minor injuries, aches and pains
• Tablet medicinals are non-drowsy and are packaged in tamper resistant single dose units

• Includes                       Adhesive Bandages, Adhesive Tape, Antibiotic Ointment, Cold Pack, Conforming Bandages, CPR Filtershield, Eye Pads, Forceps, Pain Relief Tablets, Scissors, Sterile Gauze Pads, Sting Relief Wipes, Trauma Pad, Triangular Bandage, Triangular Bandage.
• Length                         15 in
• Width                          1 1/2 in
• Height                         4 3/4 in
• Type                           First Aid Stations
• Case Material                  Metal
• Wt.                            8.40 lb